Here at Jewellery by Van Scoy, our custom design service is ideal for that unique one off piece, that could include wedding jewellery, anniversaries, or any other memorable occasion.



First and foremost, the process stacustom northern ireland jewellery 3d render van scoy portadown craigavon unique specialised rts with your idea. Whether the inspiration originates with a picture, an image you have remembered from your past, or just something you have always dreamed of, Jewellery by Van Scoy strives to make your vision a reality.

Each piece is designed from start to finish by yourself and our expert team. Using our state of the art CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology, you can choose everything. We create a 360 degree 3D model for you; meaning you can view your design from all angles and fully critique it.  From the stone size, shape, colors, andRender6 the metals used; you are in control even down to the last millimeter.

Once you have confirmed your final design, if requested, we will produce a wax mould, which provides an ideal way for you to see exactly what your special commission will look like.

The product is then created and carefully produced by our fully trained team.

Once completed, this is your time to collect your beautiful, totally unique piece of jewellery and wear it with the knowledge that it was specifically designed and crafted for that special person – YOU!


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