rhodium plating

Rhodium Plating – Why your Jewellery needs it?

Many contemporary jewellery items, especially those manufactured from white gold, platinum and nowadays silver, are given a rhodium plating to enhance shine and durability.

Rhodium plating is most often used on white gold. White gold is not a natural metal. Gold has a natural yellow colour. Today’s white gold is actually an alloy of gold mixed with a white metal. That metal is usually nickel, silver or palladium. They have a natural grey colour. This is where rhodium plating is used for that bright white look.

So what is Rhodium Plating?

Rhodium itself is a rare and precious element that is much more expensive than gold. A member of the platinum group of elements it has a silver hue and is very reflective.  It will not tarnish or corrode. On top of that it is much harder than gold and is seriously durable.

Does it wear off?

Yes. It is important to be aware that plating a piece of jewellery does not last forever.  How long? It depends on the amount of ware on an item.  The plating on something that takes a lot of wear, for example, a wedding or engagement ring can wear away in as little as two years. Something like a diamond pendant can last a lot longer as it is not prone to as much use.

Here at Jewellery by Van Scoy we have the equipment and expertise to rhodium plate all of your white metal jewellery in the store. Within a short space of time, your jewellery items can be brought back to life. They will have that bright white just purchased finish.